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   2016| 5th May  | Volume 129 | Issue 9  
    Online since April 15, 2016

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Attention Should be Drawn to Rare Diseases and Interpretation of Sequence Variants
Bei-Sha Tang
5th May 2016, 129(9):1009-1010
DOI:10.4103/0366-6999.180531  PMID:27098782
  3,143 807 -
Mutation Analysis of Gap Junction Protein Beta 1 and Genotype-Phenotype Correlation in X-linked Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease in Chinese Patients
Bo Sun, Zhao-Hui Chen, Li Ling, Yi-Fan Li, Li-Zhi Liu, Fei Yang, Xu-Sheng Huang
5th May 2016, 129(9):1011-1016
DOI:10.4103/0366-6999.180511  PMID:27098783
  2,941 727 4
Mutation Analysis of MR-1, SLC2A1, and CLCN1 in 28 PRRT2-negative Paroxysmal Kinesigenic Dyskinesia Patients
Hong-Xia Wang, Hong-Fu Li, Gong-Lu Liu, Xiao-Dan Wen, Zhi-Ying Wu
5th May 2016, 129(9):1017-1021
DOI:10.4103/0366-6999.180529  PMID:27098784
  2,286 580 2
Autoimmune Encephalitis: An Expanding Frontier of Neuroimmunology
Hong-Zhi Guan, Hai-Tao Ren, Li-Ying Cui
5th May 2016, 129(9):1122-1127
DOI:10.4103/0366-6999.180514  PMID:27098800
  2,391 461 -
Tibial Plateau Fracture with Bucket-handle Tears of Both the Medial and Lateral Menisci
Peng Lin, Cheng-Gang Liu, Ying Chen, Li-Qiang Wang, Qian-Zheng Zhu, Xing-Zuo Chen
5th May 2016, 129(9):1131-1132
DOI:10.4103/0366-6999.180526  PMID:27098802
  2,204 197 -
White Matter Changes in Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Following Mild Traumatic Brain Injury: A Prospective Longitudinal Diffusion Tensor Imaging Study
Li Li, Gang Sun, Kai Liu, Min Li, Bo Li, Shao-Wen Qian, Li-Li Yu
5th May 2016, 129(9):1091-1099
DOI:10.4103/0366-6999.180518  PMID:27098796
  1,149 286 5
Comparison of Talaromyces marneffei Infection in Human Immunodeficiency Virus-positive and Human Immunodeficiency Virus-negative Patients from Fujian, China
Hong-Ru Li, Shao-Xi Cai, Yu-Sheng Chen, Mei-E Yu, Neng-Luan Xu, Bao-Song Xie, Ming Lin, Xin-Lan Hu
5th May 2016, 129(9):1059-1065
DOI:10.4103/0366-6999.180520  PMID:27098791
  1,138 223 3
Resolvin D1 Protects Lipopolysaccharide-induced Acute Kidney Injury by Down-regulating Nuclear Factor-kappa B Signal and Inhibiting Apoptosis
Yu-Liang Zhao, Ling Zhang, Ying-Ying Yang, Yi Tang, Jiao-Jiao Zhou, Yu-Ying Feng, Tian-Lei Cui, Fang Liu, Ping Fu
5th May 2016, 129(9):1100-1107
DOI:10.4103/0366-6999.180517  PMID:27098797
  1,078 263 3
Palliative Therapy for Gastric Outlet Obstruction Caused by Unresectable Gastric Cancer: A Meta-analysis Comparison of Gastrojejunostomy with Endoscopic Stenting
Shi-Bo Bian, Wei-Song Shen, Hong-Qing Xi, Bo Wei, Lin Chen
5th May 2016, 129(9):1113-1121
DOI:10.4103/0366-6999.180530  PMID:27098799
  979 257 1
Deep Brain Stimulation of the Globus Pallidus Internus in Patients with Intractable Tourette Syndrome: A 1-year Follow-up Study
Xiao-Hua Zhang, Jian-Yu Li, Yu-Qing Zhang, Yong-Jie Li
5th May 2016, 129(9):1022-1027
DOI:10.4103/0366-6999.180512  PMID:27098785
  948 283 3
A Novel Functional Missense Mutation p.T219A in Type 1 Gaucher's Disease
Lin-Yu Liu, Fei Liu, Si-Chen Du, Sha-Yi Jiang, Hui-Jun Wang, Jin Zhang, Wei Wang, Duan Ma
5th May 2016, 129(9):1072-1077
DOI:10.4103/0366-6999.180523  PMID:27098793
  905 234 -
Reproducibility of Perfusion Parameters of Optic Disc and Macula in Rhesus Monkeys by Optical Coherence Tomography Angiography
Jing Li, Yi-Quan Yang, Di-Ya Yang, Xiang-Xiang Liu, Yun-Xiao Sun, Shi-Fei Wei, Ning-Li Wang
5th May 2016, 129(9):1087-1090
DOI:10.4103/0366-6999.180532  PMID:27098795
  931 197 7
Plasma Metabolic Profile Determination in Young ST-segment Elevation Myocardial Infarction Patients with Ischemia and Reperfusion: Ultra-performance Liquid Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry for Pathway Analysis
Lei Huang, Tong Li, Ying-Wu Liu, Lei Zhang, Zhi-Huan Dong, Shu-Ye Liu, Ying-Tang Gao
5th May 2016, 129(9):1078-1086
DOI:10.4103/0366-6999.180527  PMID:27098794
  850 215 5
Association Analysis of Proteasome Subunits and Transporter Associated with Antigen Processing on Chinese Patients with Parkinson's Disease
Ming-Shu Mo, Wei Huang, Cong-Cong Sun, Li-Min Zhang, Luan Cen, You-Sheng Xiao, Guo-Fei Li, Xin-Ling Yang, Shao-Gang Qu, Ping-Yi Xu
5th May 2016, 129(9):1053-1058
DOI:10.4103/0366-6999.180513  PMID:27098790
  843 178 5
Increased Expression of the NOD-like Receptor Family, Pyrin Domain Containing 3 Inflammasome in Dermatomyositis and Polymyositis is a Potential Contributor to Their Pathogenesis
Xi Yin, Gen-Cheng Han, Xing-Wei Jiang, Qiang Shi, Chuan-Qiang Pu
5th May 2016, 129(9):1047-1052
DOI:10.4103/0366-6999.180528  PMID:27098789
  808 176 2
Prehospital Identification of Stroke Subtypes in Chinese Rural Areas
Hai-Qiang Jin, Jin-Chao Wang, Yong-An Sun, Pu Lyu, Wei Cui, Yuan-Yuan Liu, Zhi-Gang Zhen, Yi-Ning Huang
5th May 2016, 129(9):1041-1046
DOI:10.4103/0366-6999.180521  PMID:27098788
  795 184 -
Therapeutic Effect of Chinese Herbal Ointment Liu-He-Dan in Patients with Acute Pancreatitis
Mei-Hua Wan, Xian-Lin Zhao, Wei-Wei Chen, Juan Li, Hui Guo, Qing Xia, Wen-Fu Tang
5th May 2016, 129(9):1128-1130
DOI:10.4103/0366-6999.180524  PMID:27098801
  776 197 1
Unilateral Axillary Pseudochromhidrosis-like Lesion Caused by Pediculosis Pubis
Tao Wang, Si Liang, Yue-Hua Liu, Christine Guo Lian
5th May 2016, 129(9):1133-1134
DOI:10.4103/0366-6999.180525  PMID:27098803
  791 172 -
Quantitating Changes in Jitter and Spike Number Using Concentric Needle Electrodes in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Patients
Ming-Sheng Liu, Jing-Wen Niu, Yi Li, Yu-Zhou Guan, Li-Ying Cui
5th May 2016, 129(9):1036-1040
DOI:10.4103/0366-6999.180533  PMID:27098787
  752 195 1
Effect of Elbow Position on Short-segment Nerve Conduction Study in Cubital Tunnel Syndrome
Zhu Liu, Zhi-Rong Jia, Ting-Ting Wang, Xin Shi, Wei Liang
5th May 2016, 129(9):1028-1035
DOI:10.4103/0366-6999.180515  PMID:27098786
  703 194 -
Normal Range of Head-to-body Delivery Interval by Two-step Delivery
Hong-Yu Zhang, Ren-Fei Guo, Yan Wu, Yi Ling
5th May 2016, 129(9):1066-1071
DOI:10.4103/0366-6999.180522  PMID:27098792
  699 156 1
L-4F Inhibits Oxidized Low-density Lipoprotein-induced Inflammatory Adipokine Secretion via Cyclic AMP/Protein Kinase A-CCAAT/Enhancer Binding Protein β Signaling Pathway in 3T3-L1 Adipocytes
Xiang-Zhu Xie, Xin Huang, Shui-Ping Zhao, Bi-Lian Yu, Qiao-Qing Zhong, Jian Cao
5th May 2016, 129(9):1108-1112
DOI:10.4103/0366-6999.180519  PMID:27098798
  666 142 -